The Devil Went Down To Georgia

A few years ago I had an idea to do a ‘redneck’ shoot with myself as the male ‘model, and a ‘wife’ and four ‘daughters’. It never got off the ground but it was always in my mind. Then a few weeks ago I saw this set by Canadian photographer Matt Barnes. I thought, “wow–I HAVE to do this”!  I gave great friend and wonderful photographer, Emily Cromarty a shout and asked her what she thought?  It was a huge “yes”! So we set about finding the perfect model for it and we hit lucky when Frankii Wilde agreed to be my ‘white trash princess’. We got a great location in Northumberland and got the shot done. Make up (including my rather cool ‘scar’) was done by the wonderful Kristina Foster MUA.  Emily decided she loved her images so much she was going to turn it into a book.  “Daddy’s little girl” is available from Blurb books.

This shoot was so much fun, and if the thought of me as a ‘model’ is funny enough, then the fact I have been asked to do some more is plain crazy!

All images ©Emily Cromarty.
GrimeandGlamour- daddyslittlegirlcromarty-

GrimeandGlamour- daddyslittlegirlcromarty--2

GrimeandGlamour- daddyslittlegirlcromarty--3

GrimeandGlamour- daddyslittlegirlcromarty--4

GrimeandGlamour- daddyslittlegirlcromarty--5

GrimeandGlamour- daddyslittlegirlcromarty-0176

GrimeandGlamour- daddyslittlegirlcromarty-0212

GrimeandGlamour- daddyslittlegirlcromarty-0227

GrimeandGlamour- daddyslittlegirlcromarty-0341

GrimeandGlamour- daddyslittlegirlcromarty-0388

GrimeandGlamour- daddyslittlegirlcromarty-0398

GrimeandGlamour- daddyslittlegirlcromarty-0478

GrimeandGlamour- daddyslittlegirlcromarty-0516

GrimeandGlamour- daddyslittlegirlcromarty-0557

GrimeandGlamour- daddyslittlegirlcromarty-0558

GrimeandGlamour- daddyslittlegirlcromarty-0561

GrimeandGlamour- daddyslittlegirlcromarty-0572

GrimeandGlamour- daddyslittlegirlcromarty-0333

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