Gimmie The Sweet And Lowdown

Megan is another keen photographer and occasionally does some modelling. We had tried to shoot together a few times over the last year but could never quite get it organised. A couple of weeks ago, on a Saturday evening, I sent her a quick message asking “what are you doing tomorrow?” Turns out the answer was standing (and sitting) in front of my camera. 🙂

There are three more sets to come from Megan, and I hope to shoot with her again in the future. GrimeandGlamour- megantown-9336 GrimeandGlamour- megantown-9359 GrimeandGlamour- megantown-9358 GrimeandGlamour- megantown-9357 GrimeandGlamour- megantown-9356 GrimeandGlamour- megantown-9354 GrimeandGlamour- megantown-9353 GrimeandGlamour- megantown-9351 GrimeandGlamour- megantown-9345 GrimeandGlamour- megantown-9344 GrimeandGlamour- megantown-9342
GrimeandGlamour- megantown-9367

GrimeandGlamour- megantown-9380

GrimeandGlamour- megantown-9370
GrimeandGlamour- megantown-9405

GrimeandGlamour- megantown-9401

GrimeandGlamour- megantown-9400

GrimeandGlamour- megantown-9395

GrimeandGlamour- megantown-9393

GrimeandGlamour- megantown-9392

GrimeandGlamour- megantown-9390

GrimeandGlamour- megantown-9389

GrimeandGlamour- megantown-9388

GrimeandGlamour- megantown-9385

GrimeandGlamour- megantown-9382

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