Twisting By The Pool.

Third and final set(for now) from Zoe. We had a good day on this, and I thought she did brilliantly considering she had never modeled before. This time we went to Tynemouth and used the old outside pool as our location. It worked really well, and I am surprised I have never shot here before.
More Zoe here.

GrimeandGlamour- zoestreet-8804 GrimeandGlamour- zoestreet-8808 GrimeandGlamour- zoestreet-8810 GrimeandGlamour- zoestreet-8815 GrimeandGlamour- zoestreet-8816 GrimeandGlamour- zoestreet-8821 GrimeandGlamour- zoestreet-8822 GrimeandGlamour- zoestreet-8823 GrimeandGlamour- zoestreet-8825 GrimeandGlamour- zoestreet-8827 GrimeandGlamour- zoestreet-8828 GrimeandGlamour- zoestreet-8844 GrimeandGlamour- zoestreet-8851 GrimeandGlamour- zoestreet-8860 GrimeandGlamour- zoestreet-8864 GrimeandGlamour- zoestreet-8872

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