Never Too Loud

A couple weeks ago the fantastic Emily Cromarty invited me along to do a joint shoot with Georgia.  Emily and I had planned to do lots of shoots together but hadn’t done one for a while (not since Lia) and so I jumped at the chance. I had never even met Georgia before so wasnt sure what to expect. Needless to say everything about her was what I love in a model. Great looking, great attitude, and can really model. (Not to mention some fantastic ink!)  There is a second set to come. GrimeandGlamour- georgiaallys-9135 GrimeandGlamour- georgiaeliz-4868 GrimeandGlamour- georgiaeliz-4871 GrimeandGlamour- georgiaEliz-4874 GrimeandGlamour- georgiaEliz-9119 GrimeandGlamour- georgiaeliz-9120 GrimeandGlamour- georgiaeliz-9123 GrimeandGlamour- georgiaeliz-9124 GrimeandGlamour- georgiaEliz-9126 GrimeandGlamour- georgiaeliz-9127 GrimeandGlamour- georgiaeliz-9128 GrimeandGlamour- georgiaeliz-9131 GrimeandGlamour- georgiaEliz-9133 GrimeandGlamour- georgiaeliz-9134 GrimeandGlamour- georgiaeliz-9140

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