Come Pick Me Up

Daisy is probably the most ‘fashion’ of all the models I have ever worked with. Her height, her attitude, and just the way she works, says “fashion”. It helps me when I work with her as I would like to do more of that style, and get better at it.  Some more images to come from this day at a later date.
More Daisy here
GrimeandGlamour- daisy-leatherjacket-8895 GrimeandGlamour- daisy-leatherjacket-8897 GrimeandGlamour- daisy-leatherjacket-8901 GrimeandGlamour- daisy-leatherjacket-8903 GrimeandGlamour- daisy-leatherjacket-8908 GrimeandGlamour- daisy-leatherjacket-8909 GrimeandGlamour- daisy-leatherjacket-8910 GrimeandGlamour- daisy-leatherjacket-8924 GrimeandGlamour- daisy-leatherjacket-8946 GrimeandGlamour- daisy-leatherjacket-8905 GrimeandGlamour- daisy-leatherjacket-8916
GrimeandGlamour- daisy-leatherjacket-8911

GrimeandGlamour- daisy-leatherjacket-8926
GrimeandGlamour- daisy-leatherjacket-8913

GrimeandGlamour- daisy-leatherjacket-8934

GrimeandGlamour- daisy-leatherjacket-8937

GrimeandGlamour- daisy-leatherjacket-8939

GrimeandGlamour- daisy-leatherjacket-8943

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