Life Goes On

Spent a full day with Alexsi and we shot everything from street fashion to art nude. She has the talent to do most styles and I think this style is something she should do a lot more of.  It’s all about body shape from the models side of things and Alexsi does that so well. From my side its all about the light and these were shot with just what came through the window.
More Alexsi here

GrimeandGlamour- alexsiartnude-8576 GrimeandGlamour- alexsiartnude-8551 GrimeandGlamour- alexsiartnude-8535 GrimeandGlamour- alexsiartnude-8532GrimeandGlamour- alexsi-8557 GrimeandGlamour- alexsiartnude-8554 GrimeandGlamour- alexsiartnude-8558 GrimeandGlamour- alexsiartnude-8568 GrimeandGlamour- alexsi-8567
GrimeandGlamour- alexsiartnude-8530
GrimeandGlamour- alexsiartnude-8519 GrimeandGlamour- alexsi-8520

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