You Better You Bet

I’ve shot with Alexsi twice and both times I have managed to get her totally soaked in water!  First time was here with Flic, and now this set in the bath.  I hope to shoot with Alexsi a lot more in the future. She is a fantastic model and has a versatility to her which means we can shoot lots of different stuff. Watch this space.  🙂

More Alexsi here.

GrimeandGlamour- alexsibath-8591 GrimeandGlamour- alexsibath-8595 GrimeandGlamour- alexsibath-8596 GrimeandGlamour- alexsibath-8603 GrimeandGlamour- alexsibath-8606 GrimeandGlamour- alexsibath-8616 GrimeandGlamour- alexsibath-8638 GrimeandGlamour- alexsibath-8641 GrimeandGlamour- alexsibath-8642 GrimeandGlamour- alexsibath-8643 GrimeandGlamour- alexsi-8601 GrimeandGlamour- alexsi-8604GrimeandGlamour- alexsi-8649 GrimeandGlamour- alexsibath-8651 GrimeandGlamour- alexsibath-8652 GrimeandGlamour- alexsibath-8655 GrimeandGlamour- alexsibath-8658 GrimeandGlamour- alexsibath-8659 GrimeandGlamour- alexsibath-8660 GrimeandGlamour- alexsibath-8657

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