Babylon’s Burning

The second set from Zoe.(First set here). No experience of modelling but I thought she did a great job. There are a lot of disused office blocks around Killingworth so we went over there to see what we could find. There was one office block we could get in but we decided to get out of it pretty quickly and just shot outside it instead.GrimeandGlamour- zoestreet-4637

GrimeandGlamour- zoestreet-4638

GrimeandGlamour- zoestreet-4643

GrimeandGlamour- zoestreet-4644

GrimeandGlamour- zoestreet-4649

GrimeandGlamour- zoestreet-4650

GrimeandGlamour- zoestreet-4651

GrimeandGlamour- zoestreet-4652

GrimeandGlamour- zoestreet-8716

GrimeandGlamour- zoestreet-8717

GrimeandGlamour- zoestreet-8719

GrimeandGlamour- zoestreet-8720

GrimeandGlamour- zoestreet-8724

GrimeandGlamour- zoestreet-8725

GrimeandGlamour- zoestreet-8730

GrimeandGlamour- zoestreet-8735

GrimeandGlamour- zoestreet-8746

GrimeandGlamour- zoestreet-8751

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