Pour Some Sugar On Me

When I shot with Amelia we managed to shoot four a five sets(so more to come). The first set I posted was this one (Peaches) and this new set is part two of that set.
GrimeandGlamour- ameliapeach-8194 GrimeandGlamour- ameliapeach-8195 GrimeandGlamour- ameliapeach-8199 GrimeandGlamour- ameliapeach-8201 GrimeandGlamour- ameliapeach-8204 GrimeandGlamour- ameliapeach-8207 GrimeandGlamour- ameliapeach-8209 GrimeandGlamour- ameliapeach-8203

GrimeandGlamour- amelia-4089

GrimeandGlamour- ameliapeach-4084

GrimeandGlamour- ameliapeach-4095

GrimeandGlamour- ameliapeach-4093

GrimeandGlamour- ameliapeach-4092

GrimeandGlamour- ameliapeach-4090

GrimeandGlamour- ameliapeach-4087

GrimeandGlamour- ameliapeach-4085

GrimeandGlamour- ameliapeach-8212

GrimeandGlamour- ameliapeach-8214

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