Cold Gin

As I type this, Bex is sunning and partying in L.A. Having seen the images she has been posting while away it makes me think she suits that mad place so well. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she doesn’t ever come back! I of course hope she does, just so I can at least shoot with her one more time.

More Bex here
grimeandglamour-bexgreenshorts-2564 grimeandglamour-bexgreenshorts-2565 grimeandglamour-bexgreenshorts-2566 grimeandglamour-bexgreenshorts-2567 grimeandglamour-bexgreenshorts-2571 grimeandglamour-bexgreenshorts-2572 grimeandglamour-bexgreenshorts-2576 grimeandglamour-bexgreenshorts-2578 grimeandglamour-bexgreenshorts-2582 grimeandglamour-bexgreenshorts-2584 grimeandglamour-bexgreenshorts-2585 grimeandglamour-bexgreenshorts-2586 grimeandglamour-bexgreenshorts-2588 grimeandglamour-bexgreenshorts-2596 grimeandglamour-bexgreenshorts-2600 grimeandglamour-bexgreenshorts-2603 grimeandglamour-bexgreenshorts-2611 grimeandglamour-bexgreenshorts-2615 grimeandglamour-bexgreenshorts-2621 grimeandglamour-bexgreenshorts-2623 grimeandglamour-bexgreenshorts-2625 grimeandglamour-bexgreenshorts-2627 grimeandglamour-bexgreenshorts-2630 grimeandglamour-bexgreenshorts-2633 grimeandglamour-bexgreenshorts-2637 grimeandglamour-bexgreenshorts-2644

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