Have been talking to Amelia on Twitter for some time about a shoot but she was moving house and eventually when all that was sorted we set a date. Had a great shoot and got lots of images. This is the first of four sets. As well as glamour, we shot what I like to call, ‘grunge glamour’, and some erotica too. Those sets to come soon.

GrimeandGlamour- ameliapeach-8123 GrimeandGlamour- ameliapeach-8183 GrimeandGlamour- ameliapeach-8180 GrimeandGlamour- ameliapeach-8173 GrimeandGlamour- ameliapeach-8171 GrimeandGlamour- ameliapeach-8168 GrimeandGlamour- ameliapeach-8165 GrimeandGlamour- ameliapeach-8164 GrimeandGlamour- ameliapeach-8163 GrimeandGlamour- ameliapeach-8160 GrimeandGlamour- ameliapeach-8157 GrimeandGlamour- ameliapeach-8155 GrimeandGlamour- ameliapeach-8153 GrimeandGlamour- ameliapeach-8152 GrimeandGlamour- ameliapeach-8150 GrimeandGlamour- ameliapeach-8146 GrimeandGlamour- ameliapeach-8142 GrimeandGlamour- ameliapeach-8141 GrimeandGlamour- ameliapeach-8136 GrimeandGlamour- ameliapeach-8135 GrimeandGlamour- ameliapeach-8134 GrimeandGlamour- ameliapeach-8133b GrimeandGlamour- ameliapeach-8131 GrimeandGlamour- ameliapeach-8128 GrimeandGlamour- ameliapeach-8126 GrimeandGlamour- ameliapeach-8125 GrimeandGlamour- ameliapeach-8124

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