Behind The Sun

Sia has become one of the top three models I have shot with. There is a reason for that. She is a beautiful person and great looking, and I always get the look I want out of her when we work together. She was going back to Russia for a few months so I managed to book her just before she went, and we ended up doing 4 sets. (Nonzo, Who’s the fairest, and a Girls in my place set too), plus of course this one.

More Anastasia here

grimeandglamour- sia-street-3414 grimeandglamour- sia-street-3407 GrimeandGlamour- siaflat-3421 GrimeandGlamour- siaflat-3420 GrimeandGlamour- siaflat-3419 GrimeandGlamour- siaflat-3418 GrimeandGlamour- siaflat-3416 GrimeandGlamour- siaflat-3415 GrimeandGlamour- siaflat-3411 GrimeandGlamour- siaflat-3405 GrimeandGlamour- siaflat-3401 GrimeandGlamour- siaflat-3399 GrimeandGlamour- siaflat-3391 GrimeandGlamour- siaflat-3390 GrimeandGlamour- siaflat-3387 GrimeandGlamour- siaflat-3379 GrimeandGlamour- siaflat-3378 GrimeandGlamour- siaflat-3377

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