Nonzo has been a long running project/style of shoot for me for some time. When we finally got the Pervo the Clown/Nun shoot organised I knew this was a great opportunity to do some Nunzo! As you can imagine, we had a blast, but that fake blood is really messy!
We have Flic and Kookie getting close and then on their own. Next Leigh gets naughty, and finally Jess and Liie get to know each other better. Bless you all!GrimeandGlamour- nunzo-7835 GrimeandGlamour- nunzo-7836 GrimeandGlamour- nunzo-7837 GrimeandGlamour- nunzo-7839 GrimeandGlamour- nunzo-7841 GrimeandGlamour- nunzo-7842 GrimeandGlamour- nunzo-7843 GrimeandGlamour- nunzo-7844 GrimeandGlamour- nunzo-7846 GrimeandGlamour- nunzo-7848 GrimeandGlamour- nunzo-7849 GrimeandGlamour- nunzo-7850 GrimeandGlamour- nunzo-7851
GrimeandGlamour- nunzo-7831 GrimeandGlamour- nunzo-7832 GrimeandGlamour- nunzo-7833GrimeandGlamour- nunzo-7858

GrimeandGlamour- nunzo-7857

GrimeandGlamour- nunzo-7856

GrimeandGlamour- nunzo-7855

GrimeandGlamour- nunzo-7854

GrimeandGlamour- nunzo-7853

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