Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Two very new models to me, and also two very different styles, and looks, but two truly awesome models for different reasons. This set was shot on the same day as the two sets you have seen already from Alexsi (Who’s the fairest and Get the party started), and this set from Flic (Walls). While shooting all this stuff, I mentioned to them both that they would suit shooting together. Naked. In the shower. The good news is they agreed.

More good news is I am shooting with Alexsi again soon, and also have more sets from Flic ready to be posted 🙂

More Alexsi here.

More Flic here.grimeandglamour- flic-alexsi-7165 grimeandglamour- flic-alexsi-7167
grimeandglamour- alexsiflic-3025 grimeandglamour- alexsiflic-3031 grimeandglamour- alexsiflic-3032grimeandglamour- flic-alexsi-7170 grimeandglamour- flic-alexsi-7176 grimeandglamour- flic-alexsi-7185 grimeandglamour- flic-alexsi-7186
grimeandglamour- flic-alexsi-7193

grimeandglamour- flic-alexsi-7214

grimeandglamour- flic-alexsi-7212

grimeandglamour- flic-alexsi-7211

grimeandglamour- flic-alexsi-7209

grimeandglamour- flic-alexsi-7207

grimeandglamour- flic-alexsi-7203

grimeandglamour- flic-alexsi-7202

grimeandglamour- flic-alexsi-7201

grimeandglamour- flic-alexsi-7199

grimeandglamour- flic-alexsi-7198

grimeandglamour- flic-alexsi-7197

grimeandglamour- flic-alexsi-7196

grimeandglamour- flic-alexsi-7195

grimeandglamour- flic-alexsi-7194

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