Here we are with Flic again, who I am a huge fan of. It’s her ability to pose in pretty much any position (see images), and the fact she brings loads of her own ideas and poses to the shoot. Considering she has only done about four shoots and been modelling for only a month or two she is incredible. Models who have been doing this for years could learn a lot from her. This set is one of my all time favourites.

More Flic heregrimeandglamour- flicwall-2911 grimeandglamour- flicwall-2909 grimeandglamour- flicwall-2908 grimeandglamour- flicwall-2938 grimeandglamour- flicwall-2936 grimeandglamour- flicwall-2935 grimeandglamour- flicwall-2934 grimeandglamour- flicwall-2933 grimeandglamour- flicwall-2931 grimeandglamour- flicwall-2930 grimeandglamour- flicwall-2929 grimeandglamour- flicwall-2927 grimeandglamour- flicwall-2926 grimeandglamour- flicwall-2923 grimeandglamour- flicwall-2922 grimeandglamour- flicwall-2921 grimeandglamour- flicwall-2918 grimeandglamour- flicwall-2917 grimeandglamour- flicwall-2916 grimeandglamour- flicwall-2915 grimeandglamour- flicwall-2914 grimeandglamour- flicwall-2913 grimeandglamour- flicwall-2912

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