Bless you my Pervo

About three years ago I went to Warren with an idea for his ‘Pervo the Clown‘ character. Pervo has a bit of a god complex in that he thinks that’s exactly what he is-a god! And who follows god? Well lots of people do but the thing most people will come up for a shoot like this will be nuns. In this case lots of scantily clad nuns. This is also fits in with Warrens latest film (Zombie Women of Satan 2) which will have a scene or two closely related to this shoot.

We had an absolute blast shooting this and the girls must be pretty glad they were half naked as the heat in the barn was unbelievable.  😦

I have processed the images to have a ‘b’ movie feel, and a kind of Tarintino-ish ‘cartoon violence’ look about them. Hope the images show what a great time everyone had. grimeandglamour- Nuns-7717 grimeandglamour- Nuns-7718 grimeandglamour- Nuns-7719 grimeandglamour- Nuns-7721 grimeandglamour- Nuns-7724 grimeandglamour- Nuns-7727 grimeandglamour- Nuns-7729 grimeandglamour- Nuns-7740 grimeandglamour- Nuns-7741 grimeandglamour- Nuns-7742 grimeandglamour- Nuns-7743 grimeandglamour- Nuns-7745 grimeandglamour- Nuns-7746 grimeandglamour- Nuns-7750 grimeandglamour- Nuns-7751 grimeandglamour- Nuns-7752 grimeandglamour- Nuns-7759 grimeandglamour- Nuns-7760 grimeandglamour- Nuns-7762 grimeandglamour- Nuns-7764 grimeandglamour- Nuns-7766 grimeandglamour- Nuns-7767 grimeandglamour- Nuns-7769 grimeandglamour- Nuns-7772 grimeandglamour- Nuns-7797 grimeandglamour- Nuns-7798 grimeandglamour- Nuns-7806 grimeandglamour- Nuns-7807 grimeandglamour- Nuns-7811 grimeandglamour- Nuns-7814 grimeandglamour- Nuns-7823 grimeandglamour- Nuns-7825

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