Break These Chains

The second set from first time model, Jenn. Definitely a more fashion orientated set. This is an outfit that she didn’t originally like but they are her favourite shots from the day. I think you can tell how much her confidence had risen by the this time, compared to the earlier images?  Also added some beautiful portraits to this set.
First set here.
grimeandglamour- jenn-7314 grimeandglamour- jenn-7317 grimeandglamour- jenn-7307 grimeandglamour- jenn-7323 grimeandglamour- jenn-7338 grimeandglamour- jenn-7336 grimeandglamour- jenn-7333 grimeandglamour- jenn-7332 grimeandglamour- jenn-7329 grimeandglamour- jenn-7328 grimeandglamour- jenn-7326 grimeandglamour- JENNY-7325 grimeandglamour- JENNY-7331 grimeandglamour- JENNY-7339 grimeandglamour- JENNY-7340 grimeandglamour- jenn-7349 grimeandglamour- jenn-7371 grimeandglamour- jenn-7370 grimeandglamour- jenn-7367 grimeandglamour- jenn-7360 grimeandglamour- jenn-7359 grimeandglamour- jenn-7357 grimeandglamour- jenn-7352 grimeandglamour- JENNY-7351 grimeandglamour- jenn-7372 grimeandglamour- jenn-7373 grimeandglamour- JENNY-7375 grimeandglamour- jenn-3181 grimeandglamour- jenn-3187 grimeandglamour- jenn-3185 grimeandglamour- jenn-3184 grimeandglamour- jenn-3183 grimeandglamour- jenn-3182

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