I have only been working with Mitzi for about 3 weeks and this is already the fifth set to be posted! For those who are enjoying her images, the good news is there are a lot more to come. I think she is going to go a long way with her modelling. She has a gorgeous face and one of the best figures I have ever worked with. Keep an eye out for some fantastic sets to come.
More Mitzi here

grimeandglamour- mitziboudoir-7134 grimeandglamour- mitziboudoir-7136 grimeandglamour- mitziboudoir-7127 grimeandglamour- mitziboudoir-7138 grimeandglamour- mitziboudoir-7139grimeandglamour- mitziboudoir-7140 grimeandglamour- mitziboudoir-7155grimeandglamour- mitziboudoir-7143 grimeandglamour- mitziboudoir-7146 grimeandglamour- mitziboudoir-7147 grimeandglamour- mitziboudoir-7148 grimeandglamour- mitziboudoir-7153 grimeandglamour- mitziboudoir-7155 grimeandglamour- mitziboudoir-7157 grimeandglamour- mitzysolokitchen-2853 grimeandglamour- mitzysolokitchen-2869 grimeandglamour- mitzysolokitchen-2874

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