Standing On The Edge

Another set of the beautiful Elissa. She is a fantastic model, and it’s nigh on impossible to get a bad picture with her. This was the last set from the same day as this set, and this one with Nick. Hopefully I will get chance to shoot with her again, and soon.

Make up was by the incredibly talented Kristina Foster.
More Elissa here
GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaandnck-1822 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaandnck-1825 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaandnck-1826 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaandnck-1828 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaandnck-1833 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaandnck-1834 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaandnck-1852 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaandnck-1853 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaandnck-1855 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaandnck-1857 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaandnck-1861 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaandnck-1862 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaandnck-1863 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaandnck-1864 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaandnck-1866 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaandnck-1867

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