One More Cup Of Coffee

It is no surprise to me that more and more photographers are working with Katie. I was knocked out by her images when she worked with Amy Spires and also Brian from ‘BurnedOutBright’. She has a real quality as a model and can do everything from glamour to fashion. She is improving at a rapid rate and was already great when she started! This is the third set from me with a couple more to go and I hope to work with Katie plenty more in the future. I think she is going to be in great demand, so that may be difficult.

This set was more luck than anything in that we decided to stop for a coffee and a quick break. While we were relaxing I thought the cafe would make a great backdrop for some shots, and so I asked the owner (Tom) if we could shoot, and he was more than helpful. I love the relaxed feel to these images. All natural light.

Obvious choice of song for the title šŸ™‚
More Katie here

GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-katiecafe-2214 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-2210 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-2212 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-katiestreet-2213 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-2214 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-2215 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-2216 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-2217 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-2226 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-2230 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-KATIESTREET-2231 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-katiecafe-6524 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-katiecafe-6525 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-katiecafe-6528 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-katiecafe-6530 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-2225 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-2221

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