Lose Yourself

Jenn, is another girl who has never modelled before, but decided to give it a go. After lots of discussions and ideas sent backwards and forwards we got a shoot date sorted. The original plan was to go to Northumberland and find a cool location in the open, but the rain was pretty bad and so originally we postponed the shoot. Half an hour later she called and said she still wanted to shoot. We ended up a little closer to home, and shot at the Tyne pub on the quayside( a place I have shot a few times before). For a first time I think Jenn has done very well. I think she may have a taste for this and will want to do it again. There is a second set to come.

PS. Those last two shots are ‘smoke’ from a fake cigarette…she is trying to quit.
grimeandglamour- jenn-7240

grimeandglamour- jenn-7249

grimeandglamour- jenn-7251

grimeandglamour- jenn-7238

grimeandglamour- jenn-7255

grimeandglamour- jenn-7278

grimeandglamour- jenn-7277

grimeandglamour- jenn-7276

grimeandglamour- jenn-7272

grimeandglamour- jenn-7266

grimeandglamour- jenn-7264

grimeandglamour- jenn-7263

grimeandglamour- jenn-7262

grimeandglamour- JENNY-7281

grimeandglamour- JENNY-7274

grimeandglamour- JENNY-7263

grimeandglamour- jenn-7234

grimeandglamour- jenn-7232

grimeandglamour- JENNY-7248

grimeandglamour- jenn-7220

grimeandglamour- jenn-3171

grimeandglamour- jenn-3173

grimeandglamour- jenn-7294

grimeandglamour- JENNY-7302
grimeandglamour- JENNY-7227

grimeandglamour- jenn-7228

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