Can’t Stop It But I’m Gonna Try

Dee from Darkus came to me with an idea to shoot Luke and Mitzi together. Luke normally does adult stuff, and Mitzi definitely doesn’t so we needed to hit a comfortable balance to get some great images that they were both happy with. All shot with natural light. I think this is the best work that Mitzi has done so far
More Mitzi here
grimeandglamour-jesmonddarkus-2797 grimeandglamour-jesmonddarkus-2798 grimeandglamour- simonmitzy-2786 grimeandglamour- simonmitzy-2788 grimeandglamour- simonmitzy-2790 grimeandglamour- simonmitzy-2793 grimeandglamour- simonmitzy-2795 grimeandglamour- simonmitzy-2796 grimeandglamour- simonmitzy-2799 grimeandglamour- simonmitzy-2800 grimeandglamour- simonmitzy-2801 grimeandglamour- simonmitzy-2803 grimeandglamour- simonmitzy-2804 grimeandglamour- simonmitzy-2815 grimeandglamour- simonmitzy-2822 grimeandglamour- simonmitzy-2823 grimeandglamour- simonmitzy-2824 grimeandglamour- simonmitzy-2826 grimeandglamour- simonmitzy-2837 grimeandglamour- simonmitzy-2842 grimeandglamour- simonmitzy-2843 grimeandglamour- simonmitzy-2844 grimeandglamour- simonmitzy-2845 grimeandglamour- simonmitzy-2846 grimeandglamour- simonmitzy-2847

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