You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch)

Third set from Mitzy, made in the barbers. (First two here). A fantastic girl with a great sense of humour and masses of potential.  Dee from Darkus Magazine needed a hair cut, so we got him in the shots too…not sure if Mitzy wanted to just cut his hair!

I have another three sets to come from Mitzy in the next few weeks and I will be shooting with her again soon.grimeandglamour-mariebarbers-2394 grimeandglamour-mariebarbers-2408 grimeandglamour-mariebarbers-2403 grimeandglamour-mariebarbers-2402 grimeandglamour-mariebarbers-2398 grimeandglamour-mariebarbers-6686 grimeandglamour-mariebarbers-6692 grimeandglamour-mariebarbers-2411 grimeandglamour-mariebarbers-2477 grimeandglamour-mariebarbers-2472 grimeandglamour-mariebarbers-2471 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-mariebarbers-2469 grimeandglamour-mariebarbers-2467 grimeandglamour-mariebarbers-2461 grimeandglamour-mariebarbers-2453 grimeandglamour-mariebarbers-2452 grimeandglamour-mariebarbers-2433 grimeandglamour-mariebarbers-2431 grimeandglamour-mariebarbers-2428 grimeandglamour-mariebarbers-2426 grimeandglamour-mariebarbers-2423 grimeandglamour-mariebarbers-2422


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