Who’s the Fairest – Alexsi

One of my personal fun projects right now is “Who’s the Fairest” (as in, Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the…..)and this is the second set from that series. All sets are the models interacting with a mirror. These will hopefully be all quite sexy and sometimes raunchy. I was shooting for Darkus Magazine and so it gave me the chance to meet and work with Alexsi, who is fantastic. A tiny girl with a massive character. There is a second set from this day to come and I will be shooting with her again soon.
grimeandglamour- alexsisoslo-2949 grimeandglamour- alexsisoslo-2950 grimeandglamour- alexsisoslo-2951 grimeandglamour- alexsisoslo-2952 grimeandglamour- alexsisoslo-2953 grimeandglamour- alexsisoslo-2954 grimeandglamour- alexsisoslo-2958 grimeandglamour- alexsisoslo-2959 grimeandglamour- alexsisoslo-2960 grimeandglamour- alexsisoslo-2961 grimeandglamour- alexsisoslo-2963 grimeandglamour- alexsisoslo-2964 grimeandglamour- alexsisoslo-2965 grimeandglamour- alexsisoslo-2967 grimeandglamour- alexsisoslo-2970

3 thoughts on “Who’s the Fairest – Alexsi

  1. She has great lips.
    On a slightly off topic note I must be getting old because I hate the type of shoes all your recent models seem to be wearing. They just don’t scream sexy to me!

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