Blue For You

Spent an evening with Nina around Northumbria University, and went for a casual/fashion look. I think she proves how adapatable she is with the three very different looks. First set here, and the two styles here. I hope I work with Nina again sometime soon.

Thanks to Gregg for help on this shoot 🙂grimeandglamour-Ninastreet-6441 grimeandglamour-Ninastreet-6443 grimeandglamour-Ninastreet-6444 grimeandglamour-Ninastreet-6445 grimeandglamour-Ninastreet-6447 grimeandglamour-Ninastreet-6448 grimeandglamour-Ninastreet-6449 grimeandglamour-Ninastreet-6420 grimeandglamour-Ninastreet-6423 grimeandglamour-Ninastreet-6427 grimeandglamour-Ninastreet-6428 grimeandglamour-Ninastreet-6437 grimeandglamour-Ninastreet-2136 grimeandglamour-Ninastreet-2133 grimeandglamour-Ninastreet-2131 grimeandglamour-Ninastreet-2119 grimeandglamour-Ninastreet-2117 grimeandglamour-Ninastreet-2116 grimeandglamour-Ninastreet-2114 grimeandglamour-Ninastreet-2110 grimeandglamour-Ninastreet-2109 grimeandglamour-Ninastreet-2107

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