Who’s The Fairest – Bex

Because I do so many shoots(basically, all my spare time) I sometimes like to have a project to shoot that gives me a direction on the type of images I make. One such project is the ‘girls in my place‘ sets and also this one, which I am calling ‘who’s the fairest’. These will all involve mirrors, (as in “mirror mirror, on the wall, who’s the……”) The first set is from Bex, and I think she looks stunning, on this set (as indeed she always does!)

More Bex here.grimeandglamour-BexGWC-2563 grimeandglamour-BexGWC-2562 grimeandglamour-BexGWC-2561

grimeandglamour-BexGWC-2535 grimeandglamour-BexGWC-2537 grimeandglamour-BexGWC-2539 grimeandglamour-BexGWC-2551 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-bexgimp-2554 grimeandglamour-BexGWC-2552 grimeandglamour-BexGWC-2555 grimeandglamour-BexGWC-2556 grimeandglamour-BexGWC-2559

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