I’m Going To Be Teenage Idol

The third and final set from Cara and Megan. Again more street fashion and possibly my favourite of the three we did. After the shoot we went for a coffee to Alvino’s bar and I took a few solo shots of Megan while in there.

More Cara here.
More Megan here.

GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-megancara-1476 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-megancara-1479 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-megancara-1481 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-megancara-1482 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-megancara-1487 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-megancara-1490 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-megancara-1472 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-megancara-1463 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-megancara-1467 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-megancara-1468 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-megancara-1469 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-megancara-1473 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-megancara-1499 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-megancara-1501 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-megancara-1503 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-megancara-1506

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