Don’t Take Me For Granted

Mitzi, is yet another new model, to me, and I am glad we have had chance to work together. She works a lot for Dee at Darkus Magazine, and so we should be working together plenty. I got the use of a barbers shop to shoot in and we had a fun morning shooting this set, as well as the one you are seeing here. One more set from this location to come.
grimeandglamour-mariebarbers-2301 grimeandglamour-mariebarbers-2300 grimeandglamour-mariebarbers-2297 grimeandglamour-mariebarbers-2296 grimeandglamour-mariebarbers-2295 grimeandglamour-mariebarbers-2294 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-mariebarbers-2292 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-mariebarbers-2291 grimeandglamour-mariebarbers-2290 grimeandglamour-mariebarbers-2288 grimeandglamour-mariebarbers-2286 grimeandglamour-mariebarbers-2282 grimeandglamour-mariebarbers-2281 grimeandglamour-mariebarbers-2279 grimeandglamour-mariebarbers-2278 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-mariebarbers-2275 grimeandglamour-mariebarbers-2274 grimeandglamour-mariebarbers-2322 grimeandglamour-mariebarbers-2314 grimeandglamour-mariebarbers-2312 grimeandglamour-mariebarbers-2311 grimeandglamour-mariebarbers-2306 grimeandglamour-mariebarbers-2305 grimeandglamour-mariebarbers-2303

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