Kids Aren’t Alright

Nck and Elissa, are simply two of the best I have worked with. I wanted to try some fashion ideas I had and they answered the brief brilliantly. Both were on their game on this day and so I think we got some very strong images.
More Elissa here
More Nck here

GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaandnck-1776 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaandnck-1778 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaandnck-1779 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaandnck-1783 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaandnck-1784 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaandnck-1788 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaandnck-1790 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaandnck-1791 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaandnck-1798 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaandnck-1799 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaandnck-1800 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaandnck-1802 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaandnck-1803 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaandnck-1804 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaandnck-1808 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaandnck-1810 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaandnck-1812 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaandnck-1813 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaandnck-1775 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaandnck-1773 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaandnck-1771

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