Girls In My Place – Flic

Flic ‘came into my life’ a few months ago when she replied to a casting on Facebook. As it happened we never got together that time but then she answered another one a couple of weeks ago (for my Girls In My Place project-) and here we are.  This was only her second shoot and she has a natural talent for this. Got my ideas straight away and can pose really well, and gets the mood. There are loads more images to come from her from this set (plus I have shot with her again since) and we have talked about loads of other ideas we will shoot together. I hope you like her work as much as I do.

‘Girls In My Place’ sets here.

grimeandglamour-flic-2655 grimeandglamour-flic-7030 grimeandglamour-flic-7044 grimeandglamour-flicgwc-7027 grimeandglamour-flicgwc-7037 grimeandglamour-flicgwc-7038 grimeandglamour-flicgwc-7052 grimeandglamour-flicgwc-7053 grimeandglamour-flicgwc-7054 grimeandglamour-flicgwc-7055 grimeandglamour-flicgwc-7057 grimeandglamour-flicgwc-7059 grimeandglamour-flicgwc-7063 grimeandglamour-flicgwc-7065 grimeandglamour-flicgwc-7068 grimeandglamour-flicgwc-7070 grimeandglamour-flicgwc-7071 grimeandglamour-flicgwc-7075 grimeandglamour-flicgwc-7078 grimeandglamour-flicgwc-7080 grimeandglamour-flicgwc-7081 grimeandglamour-flicgwc-7083

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