Girls In My Place – Bex Taylor

This is the first set in my personal project Girls In My Place. (for explanation, go here.) I mentioned it on Facebook and the first model who showed an interest was Bex Taylor. Now, she is one of the best around, and I feel I haven’t shot with Bex enough, so jumped at the chance to shoot her on this. I love the results we got, and know Bex likes them too. This will be a long running project, so hopefully lots more sets to come, from lots of different girls.  🙂

More Bex Taylor here.

grimeandglamour-BexGWC-6755 grimeandglamour-BexGWC-6750 grimeandglamour-BexGWC-6749 grimeandglamour-BexGWC-6743 grimeandglamour-BexGWC-6742
grimeandglamour-BexGWC-6719 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-bexgimp-6753 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-bexgimp-6732 grimeandglamour-BexGWC-6726 grimeandglamour-BexGWC-6725grimeandglamour-BexGWC-6737 grimeandglamour-BexGWC-6735 grimeandglamour-BexGWC-6734 grimeandglamour-BexGWC-6733 grimeandglamour-BexGWC-6732 grimeandglamour-BexGWC-6729 grimeandglamour-BexGWC-6764 grimeandglamour-BexGWC-6768 grimeandglamour-BexGWC-6782 grimeandglamour-BexGWC-6781 grimeandglamour-BexGWC-6775 grimeandglamour-BexGWC-6772 grimeandglamour-BexGWC-6771


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