Lean Woman Blues

I have know Nic for quite some time and we should have done many more shoots together than we have done.  I went to see her last summer and we just had a casual fun session with some images out on the street. (We also did a great shower set-to follow-and some fun Nonzo-again to follow).
grimeandglamour-lmngarden-1922grimeandglamour-lmngarden-2898 grimeandglamour-lmngarden-2905 grimeandglamour-lmngarden-2908 grimeandglamour-lmngarden-2910 grimeandglamour-lmngarden-2911 grimeandglamour-lmngarden-2915 grimeandglamour-lmngarden-2916 grimeandglamour-lmngarden-2917 grimeandglamour-lmngarden-2920 grimeandglamour-lmngarden-2921 grimeandglamour-lmngarden-2924 grimeandglamour-lmngarden-2925 grimeandglamour-lmngarden-2929 grimeandglamour-lmngarden-2933 grimeandglamour-lmngarden-2936 grimeandglamour-lmngarden-2938 grimeandglamour-lmngarden-2942 grimeandglamour-lmngarden-2945 grimeandglamour-lmngarden-2952 grimeandglamour-lmngarden-2954

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