Let It Roll

I first saw Katie on some images by the fantastic Amy Spires and then Brian Nicholsons’ work with her. I got in touch and arranged a shoot and what a day! Was supposed to be a ninety minute shoot, and we ended up shooting for three and half hours. I was so impressed with her as a model. There are at least three more sets to come from Katie, and I will be shooting with her again soon. This first set is very much the thing I am into at the moment…..love this simple style of street fashion.

grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-6451 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-6454 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-6455 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-6456 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-6458 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-6462 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-6464 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-6465 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-6466 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-6468 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-6469 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-6472 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-2188 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-2189 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-KATIESTREET-2190 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-2191 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-2192 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-2195 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-2196 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-2198 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-2206 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-2204 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-2203 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-2200 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-2199 grimeandglamour-Katiestreet-2185

2 thoughts on “Let It Roll

  1. They’re wonderful, I especially love the ones where the wind is blowing through her hair – excellent capture of movement šŸ™‚

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