If You Want Blood

Mitzy, was introduced to me by Dee from Darkus magazine. She has a great look and a really strong attitude and will to be a success as a model. She runs her own fashion/model ( and make up) blog and was also great fun to work with. Beauty, brains, and a great figure(those legs!)  There are more shots to come from this day and I will be shooting with her again soon.

grimeandglamour-mariebarbersred-2363 grimeandglamour-mariebarbersred-2362 grimeandglamour-mariebarbersred-2369 grimeandglamour-mariebarbersred-2364 grimeandglamour-mariebarbersred-2367 grimeandglamour-mariebarbersred-2365 grimeandglamour-mariebarbersred-2390 grimeandglamour-mariebarbersred-2386 grimeandglamour-mariebarbersred-2378 grimeandglamour-mariebarbersred-2374 grimeandglamour-mariebarbersred-2373 grimeandglamour-mariebarbersred-2371 grimeandglamour-mariebarbersred-2361 grimeandglamour-mariebarbersred-2359 grimeandglamour-mariebarbersred-2358 grimeandglamour-mariebarbersred-2356 grimeandglamour-mariebarbersred-2354 grimeandglamour-mariebarbersred-2353 grimeandglamour-mariebarbersred-2350 grimeandglamour-mariebarbers-6675 grimeandglamour-mariebarbers-6673 grimeandglamour-mariebarbers-6671 grimeandglamour-mariebarbers-6663 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-mariebarbers-6656

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