Gotta Get Away

Shooting with Elissa is never less than an absolute pleasure. A stunning, and beautiful girl with a real class, and one of my favourite smiles ever! I am really into ‘street fashion’ at the moment and that is where we went with this set.
More Elissa here.
GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaandnck-1723 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaandnck-1724 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaandnck-1725 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaandnck-1727 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaandnck-1730 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaandnck-1731 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaandnck-1759 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaandnck-1758 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaandnck-1744 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaandnck-1749 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaandnck-1751 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaandnck-1752 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaandnck-1753

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