Two Of Us

Working with Megan, is always fun, as she is such a sweetheart. Never stops talking though, (and I mean, NEVER!) She brought her friend Cara with her for this shoot.  The first set is here , and this is the second set. All done on a long day around Swan House roundabout, and castle keep, area.  There is a third set to come.

More Megan, here.
GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-megancara-1456 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-megancara-1457 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-megancara-1458 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-megancara-1460

GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-megancara-1419 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-megancara-1421 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-megancara-1425 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-megancara-1431 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-megancara-1435 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-megancara-1436 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-megancara-1439

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