Take It Off

I was recently approached by Dee from Darkus Magazine (online and paper versions) and asked if I would like to shoot some fashion stuff for him. We had a talk and got something arranged. This is the first set of images from what I hope will be a long running working relationship. We got three of the best models around to shoot with. Bex, Elissa and Nick

More Elissa here

More Bex here. GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-darkusfashion-1876 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-darkusfashion-1877 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-darkusfashion-1878 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-darkusfashion-1880 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-darkusfashion-1881 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-darkusfashion-1883 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-darkusfashion-1885 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-darkusfashion-1887 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-darkusfashion-1890 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-darkusfashion-1900 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-darkusfashion-1902 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-darkusfashion-1906 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-darkusfashion-1907 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-darkusfashion-1910 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-darkusfashion-1912 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-darkusfashion-1913 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-darkusfashion-1914 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-elissanckbexdarkus-1908

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