To Be Young (Is To Be Sad, Is To Be High)

As I mentioned when I posted the first set of Claire, she had never done any kind of modeling or posing before. This set proves what an absolute natural she is. Beautiful face and smile and just a wonderful character. I think these images should encourage her to shoot more. 🙂
GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-claireflat-1337 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-claireflat-1336 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-claireflat-1333 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-claireflat-1313 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-claireflat-1321 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-claireflat-1323 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-claireflat-1326 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-claireflat-1327 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-claireflat-1332 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-claireflat-1304 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-claireflat-1300 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-claireflat-1298
GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-claireflat-1360 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-claireflat-1348 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-claireflat-1347 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-claireflat-1346 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-claireflat-1344

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