Always Touched By Your Presence

Shot on the same day as the ‘Amerika‘ set at Mayfield studio. Lisa-Ann looks amazing on these. The clothes and her hair plus make up all work really well together. She really enjoyed shooting this set and got the whole ‘vamp’ attitude off to perfection. Sexy! 🙂
Make up by Kristina Foster
More Lisa-Ann here.
GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisausripped-0618 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisausripped-0617 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisausripped-0615 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisausripped-0609 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisausripped-0606 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisausripped-0605 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisausripped-0604 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisausripped-0601 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisausripped-0596 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisausripped-0595 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisausripped-0592 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisausripped-0583 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisausripped-0578

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