Lauren-Rose is brand new to modelling and replied to a casting for a shoot I had on Facebook. In the end we didn’t shoot what we were supposed to do but instead went for a drive,(thanks to Keith Fusco). We ended up in Amble, of all places! There was a fair on (well, I say fair, but it was more a very small gathering of some rides):) Anyway it gave us a great opportunity to get some really colourful shots of Lauren, and her amazing pink hair.

Thanks to Keith for help with lights and stuff. His images from this shoot are here.
GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-laurenamble-6258 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-laurenamble-6255 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-laurenamble-6253 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-laurenamble-6247 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-laurenamble-6245 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-laurenamble-6234 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-laurenamble-6229 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-laurenamble-6227 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-laurenamble-6225 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-laurenamble-6224 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-laurenamble-6221 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-laurenamble-6204 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-laurenamble-6201 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-laurenamble-6199 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-laurenamble-6198 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-laurenamble-6183 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-laurenamble-6179 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-laurenamble-6165 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-laurenamble-6160

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