The second set from Hannah in the studio. (first set, here).  I wanted to shoot something that showed off her great figure but within her levels(obviously!) She was happy in a bikini and jeans and I really like the casual look on these. I think Hannah looks great.
Make up was again by Kristina Foster.
More Hannah here.

GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-hannahbikini-0841 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-hannahbikini-0844 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-hannahbikini-0845 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-hannahbikini-0846 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-hannahbikini-0851 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-hannahbikini-0855 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-hannahbikini-0860 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-hannahbikini-0862 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-hannahbikini-0870 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-hannahbikini-0871 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-hannahbikini-0872 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-hannahbikini-0874 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-hannahbikini-0875 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-hannahbikini-0876

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