Kids In America

These days in Mayfield studio are all meant to be fun and relaxing. There are other photographers there, doing thier thing, and models either posing or getting ready (Make up, clothes etc). When not doing that there is always someone sitting and chilling so chance to chat, and there is always someone new, who I have never met before. This set was just for fun,and kind of sums up the days in the studio for me.  Alicia, a model I have known for quite a while and Lisa-Ann who I had never met before, having fun together.
Make-up was of course by Kristina Foster.
More Lisa-Ann here and more Alicia here.
GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-mayfieldapril-0740 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaalicia-0751 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaalicia-0750 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaalicia-0749 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaalicia-0748 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaalicia-0745 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaalicia-0744 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaalicia-0742 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaalicia-0740 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaalicia-0739 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaalicia-0737 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-lisaalicia-0735

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