Rebel Yell

This was my second chance to shoot with Hannah. The first time was a freezing cold day, and so it was nice to be shooting in the warmth of the studio. She was, as usual, a load of fun, and continues to improve. This set was a straight sort of Front style (ish), and some portraiture.

Make up again by Kristina Foster.

GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-hannahbluewall-0833 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-hannahbluewall-0829 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-hannahbluewall-0826 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-hannahbluewall-0824 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-hannahbluewall-0821 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-hannahbluewall-0815 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-hannahbluewall-0802 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-hannahbluewall-0801 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-hannahbluewall-0782 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-hannahbluewall-0781 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-hannahbluewall-0778 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-hannahbluewall-0775 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-hannahbluewall-0769 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-hannahbluewall-0766 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-hannahbluewall-0763 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-hannahbluewall-0761 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-hannahbluewall-0759

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