Lust For Life

And here we are with Sia again. I love working with her as she ‘gets’ my, sometimes, strange ideas. I wanted a totally ‘retro’ look on this set, even down to on camera flash. Influenced by Dutch photog, Sander Dekker and Russian genius, Alexander Tikhimorov (google them).
More Sia here.grimeandglamour-SIA-5677 grimeandglamour-SIARETRO-5662 grimeandglamour-SIARETRO-5670 grimeandglamour-SIARETRO-5671 grimeandglamour-SIARETRO-5676 grimeandglamour-SIARETRO-5679 grimeandglamour-SIARETRO-5680 grimeandglamour-SIARETRO-5696 grimeandglamour-SIARETRO-5697 grimeandglamour-SIARETRO-5699 grimeandglamour-SIARETRO-5701 grimeandglamour-SIARETRO-5705 grimeandglamour-SIARETRO-5710 grimeandglamour-SIARETRO-5714

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