In The Flesh

This was a real experiment for me. I had only ever done a couple of art nude shots before and never thought I could do this style.  Alicia, is an experienced art nude model and we discussed doing something like these images. In fact, exactly like these images. 🙂   I’m really pleased with these, and although I apologise that a lot of these images are very similar, I wanted to post them all to see what comments I get about them (IE,  find out what I did wrong and maybe, what I did right).
Make up was again by the fantastic Kristina Foster.
More Alicia here.
GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-aliciaartnude-0621 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-aliciaartnude-0622 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-aliciaartnude-0624 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-aliciaartnude-0625 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-aliciaartnude-0627 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-aliciaartnude-0628 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-aliciaartnude-0629 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-aliciaartnude-0631 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-aliciaartnude-0632 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-aliciaartnude-0633 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-aliciaartnude-0635 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-aliciaartnude-0636 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-aliciaartnude-0637 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-aliciaartnude-0638 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-aliciaartnude-0639 GRIMEANDGLAMOUR-aliciaartnude-0640

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