Emily Cromarty Collaboration

One of the great joys of photography is meeting other photogs, and becoming friends with them. One of my closest is the amazing Emily Cromarty. A fantastic fashion photographer and just a lovely beautiful girl. We have decided to collaborate on some shoots, and this is the first one. Young designer L’Marie was wanting to get some shots of her hair designs. The model was the beautiful Lia.

The first four images are Emilys, and I think you can see the difference in processing and style of shooting.





The next set of images are mine, including two without headpieces.
The idea being to see how two people get completely different looks shooting the same subject,with the same backdrop and the same MUA.

grimeandglamour-lia -0330 grimeandglamour-lia -0334 grimeandglamour-lia -0339

grimeandglamour-lia -0340

grimeandglamour-lia -0343



These last two images are the ones that both Emily and I chose as our favorites from the set.
Hope you like them as much as we do. There will be more images to come from both of us on future collaborations.


grimeandglamour-lia -0344

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