Set You Free

The second set from the beautiful Faye, from the day in Mayfield Studio. A change of top (and also moved her to the window for some shots) and you can see how stunningly pretty Faye is. I shall shoot with her again at some point.

More Faye sets here.

grime and glamour-mayfieldstudiofeb-9025

grime and glamour-mayfieldstudiofeb-9027

grime and glamour-mayfieldstudiofeb-9029

grime and glamour-mayfieldstudiofeb-9030

grime and glamour-mayfieldstudiofeb-9035

grime and glamour-mayfieldstudiofeb-9037

grime and glamour-mayfieldstudiofeb-9013-2

grime and glamour-mayfieldstudiofeb-9017-2

grime and glamour-mayfieldstudiofeb-9019-2

grime and glamour-mayfieldstudiofeb-9024-2

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