Underneath The Big Green Tree

Emily continues to tell me she hates having her picture taken and she doesn’t want to do any modelling. Yet I still manage to get her in front of my camera :) More… Continue reading


This is the second set from Kiera, shot on the same day as this one. A fantastic model with a great look, and I loved shooting with her. There is one more set… Continue reading

Peaceful Easy Feeling

Part two of the Bandit Brand influenced shoot. (Part one here) Jess and Alice were an absolute treat to shoot with as they both always are. If you’re into the seventies rock style,… Continue reading

Dirty Water

I met Kasumi on line about 5/6 years ago (either facebook,Myspace, or Purestorm) and she came to stay about three years ago, when I first shot with her. She decided she was due… Continue reading

Out Of The Sun

I think this set may be something a little different for me. I think its straight fashion (although its still got the glamour edge I love so much – so maybe not :-)).… Continue reading

The Door Into Summer

Keira Louise is yet another model I had spoken to about shooting and just never been able to get our timing right. Finally we got sorted and went down to a favourite spot… Continue reading

Run Through the Jungle

Bandit Brand is an American t-shirt seller that I love, and am heavily inspired by. ¬†I had to do a shoot influenced by the company, and so placed a casting for a shoot.… Continue reading

Tap Turns On The Water

Another set from the fantastic Annabelle. I love shooting with her and I know she enjoys the process with me. We always have a great time and always get images we are both… Continue reading

Her Strut

At long last the second set from Headline Models, girl, SarahLouise. ¬†Stunning looking and the potential to be an amazing model. I think she could go as far as she wants in this… Continue reading

White Lightnin’

Second girl in car set from HannaRachel. (First set here). A joy to shoot with and so much fun. I really hope we can shoot together again soon.